what's for lunch?

hulky wanna eaty
halo semua... apa kabarnya hari ini? hope u guys doing well...
jangan lupa makan siang yah :) seperti hulk yang imut-imut ini


let them laugh

hello everyone, random art again :)
actually it's my nephew silhouette. I made it by his mom request for his 3rd birthday :D
I bought him a pair of shoes. He like it very much. He show and tell each of his friend that he got the shoes from me, so cute!

Back to topic, as you can see. I overlaying my nephew silhouette with some abandoned playground. That's what today's children facing. No more enough open space for them to play and hang out with friends of their age.

Children stayed up in their room, facing game console and tv every day. They don't do enough exercises so they body can stay healthy :(

For you guys who have child or nephew or cousing take them out from their room/house once a while. Play with them outside :) Don't always take them to the mall on weekend. Go fishing, camping or just pay ball outside the house.


i wanna sleep all day

let's sleep
don't wanna do anything this weekend, let's just sleep all day. pengennya sih begitu.. tapi weekend ini weekend yang sibuk, like the rest of my weekend recently, i've never get time to lazying. not take a bath and just sitting in front of my tv while enjoying some snack... when i can do such thing again....


friday is disco day

let's disco all night long

honestly I never been to night club....
Hari jumat saatnya bersuka ria, it's time to go crazy!!
let's party all night long fellas... :)
enjoy your weekend


it's a good day

it's a good morning for everyone :)

Ayo bangun pagi, put your suit up..!! dandan yang rapih, put a big smile on your face... say hi to everyone you meet... let's share the positive energy to around us :D

wish u a great morning!


let's play music

grandpa with accordion

hello fellas...!!
wuii lama banget ya gw gak update blog.. but here I am now :)
hari ini lagi gak ada kerjaan di kantor, iseng-iseng bikin ilustrasi langsung di photoshop and voila!! seorang kakek dengan terlihat sedang memainkan accordion merah tuanya. meskipun tua accordion miliknya masih terawat dan bisa menghasilkan alunan nada yang indah, meskipun tempo musik yang dihasilkan sang kakek agak off beat karena usinya sehingga jemarinya tidak lagi selincah dulu.

Enjoy your afternoon guys :)